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Entrevista David Wright – día europeo Protección de datos 2014

David Wright

Managing Partner of Trilateral Research, London,

– The year 2013 has been intense in news about privacy. Which one would you highlight and why?

The big story of the year has been the snowden revelations which have shown how extensively the nsa and gchq intrude upon our privacy.

– Cloud, Big Data, Internet of things, automated cars… From the privacy perspective, which point of view should we adopt in view of the changes in technology?

Organisations introducing cloud services, big data, iot, automated cars, etc., should perform a privacy impact assessment, especially involving stakeholders, including the public.

– If in 2014 the European Union does NOT see a new Regulation on Data Protection, what do we win, and what do we lose as EU citizens? And as privacy professionals?

If the proposed regulation is not adopted in 2014, eu citizens will lose increased protection of their privacy. Industry will lose the possibility of a one-stop shop and a harmonised regulatory framework directly applicable across all member states.

– Which role should be played by the privacy professionals in the society?

Privacy professionals should help raise awaraeness of their co-workers, colleagues, other stakeholders and citizens with regard to the importance of privacy as a pillar of democracy and the need to protect our privacy against the unnecessary intrusions by big companies, such as google and facebook, and by government agencies.

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